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Jotateam Studio explores, executes, exhibits and exhales. Operating between Madrid and Valencia, their work is shown in New York, Paris, or Stuttgart. This dissident, elegant, and non‑conformist team emerges, expands, creates, and destroys elaborating each project with passion and uniqueness; conceptualizing thoughts you didn’t know were in your head. Specialists in art direction, graphic design, and public relations, the team generates an idea, chops it into pieces, selects the best guests and deletes the evidence. In print and digital. With passion, without fear, with freshness, without shame, with attention to detail, without limits.


Madrid ~ València. ok@jotateam.com
Jota ~ Creative and Art Direction. PR
Iván Santana ~ Head Graphic Design
Enrique Casp ~ Consulting Design and Typographist
Érika Ávila ~ Graphic Design Junior
Pau Goethe ~ Coding and Web Design
Aurora Sáenz ~ Coding


Alicia Padrón ~ Stylist & Fashion Consultant
Cito Ballesta ~ Art Director & Set Design
Jandro Revert ~ Retoucher
Maite Sebastià ~ Fashion Journalist

Jotateam Studio is a match of creative minds working together to develop innovative communication, image, design and spatial solutions to our clients. Beside our studio activity we give guest lectures and master classes in several design schools like IED, EASD, Barreira Arte y Diseño and Escola Lateral.


Brands ~ Absolut. Acta Hotels. Adidas. Apperol. Beefeater. Bendita Profesión. Brianda Fitz-James Sturart Bull Dog. Carolina Herrera. Christian Simmon. Cinzano. Cortefiel. Derby Hotels. Don Perignon. Eastpack. Estee Lauder. Florette. Galeria MPA. George Rech. Grupo Caballero. Heineken. Loewe. Lyncas. Mans. Mercedes-Benz. Merchbanc. Nike. Ostras Pedrín. Paco Rabanne. Palomo Spain. Panter. Pepa Salazar. Perrier. Philip Morris. Puig. Ramses. Rimowa. TFP by Tamara Falcó. The Macallan. World Duty Free

Agencies ~ Atresmedia. Bloody Mary. Butragueño & Bottländer. EDT. Está Pasando. Fly me to the Moon. Mind Like. Mondolirondo. N Team Comunicación. Pelonio Comunicación & Press. Sr. Goldwing

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